Lucie Jerch

Hello! Welcome to my webpage. Identity to me is the key to living out my purpose. For over 4 decades I did a lot of bouncing around allowing the world, the people around me, to define who I was. Through time and healing, God revealed his truths to me and showed me that I am a child of God, dearly loved and cherished. I am his and he is mine. Knowing who I am in Christ and who he is in me gives me the confidence in stepping in to the plans he has for me. I truly believe that is the better choice for I have never found wholeness in anyone else but God.

My life’s desire is to share my story with others of how he restored and redeemed my life. Saved me truly from physical, mental, and spiritual death. I desire the same for you.

If you want to know more about my story you can order my book, Beyond the Wheat Field.

Beyond the Wheat Field

Written by Lucie Jerch

Beyond the Wheat Field is a story about a woman who returns to room 6, her mother’s bedroom, at the nursing home two years after her mother’s death, seeking healing. Her past comes unraveled as memory after memory pours out into the room, hard things that began in the wheat field down the street from the home she grew up in. It led her down a path of addiction, broken relationships, and abuse. She had tucked them all safely in the dark places of her mind, never wanting to face them ever again. But through the deep prayers of her mother and a God that never let up, she finds healing and freedom

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